Rigsdale, Co. Cork, Ireland Convention

Letter by Clive Anderson

To the Workers and Friends in Ireland and Abroad,

I feel compelled to bring to your attention the undue influence and manipulation exercised by Craig Fulton and others. Raised in the truth/perfect way, I professed my faith at the age of 12. I am deeply grateful for my upbringing and feel privileged to have been surrounded by devoted parents and God-worshipping friends.

I have fond memories of weeks and weekends spent at Rigsdale, a property purchased by my great-grandparents, Richard and Thomasina Bird, and used to host the Cork convention. The property was passed down to my grandfather, Jason “Gussie” Bird, and then to my Aunt Violet (Bird) Greene. 

In 2001, I moved to the United States but remained in close contact with my Aunt Violet. We had a very good relationship until a wedge of division was driven in by Craig Fulton. Some years ago, my aunt decided to sell the convention grounds. I was informed of the potential sale and exchanged numerous emails and phone calls with Aunt Violet. While she wanted to sell to me, it was clear that she was being influenced by someone to do differently. That someone was revealed in an email where she said, “I have decided to leave it up to the workers.”

I emailed Craig and, despite his reluctance, I managed to arrange a meeting in Dublin. After all, he was now the real estate broker (although he acted as if he owned Rigsdale). I expressed my desire to purchase the farm at full market value (which was a lot more than what it was sold for) and keep it as a convention ground. However, Craig had other plans for Rigsdale and wanted a specific person to buy it. I also offered to buy some of the land without the buildings to keep it in our family, and this offer was also rejected by Craig.

To say Craig exercised undue influence in the sale of Rigsdale and got himself involved in family matters is an understatement. The man called to preach the gospel was manipulating a widow to get what he wanted.  

By what authority do workers judge people and make decisions about material things that don’t belong to them? Craig deemed me unsuitable, telling many people, “I will do everything in my power to make sure Clive does not buy the property.” Why did he never consider my sister Miriam and her husband, or my brothers Glenn and Michael?

I write this letter with a heavy heart, saddened by the actions of a dictating leader who uses authority and fear tactics to cover up scandals and get things done his way. Craig has caused division and extreme hurt within families and friends and will lie to keep his title and power.  It is my hope that what was once the perfect way will get back on course, returning to a beautiful way of life, fellowship, and service to God, free from the influence of fear, corruption, and coverups. Whether it be sexual or financial, these cover-ups need to be rectified and prohibited from happening again.

This letter aims to shed light on the truth and raise awareness. We can see how money and favoritism have overcome godliness and virtue. It is time for new leadership and transparency within the so-called “perfect way.” Please feel free to share this letter, and I appreciate everyone’s friendship and support.


Clive Anderson
June 2024